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Since 2005, we have been working hard to remain experts in the fields of floodplain management, stormwater system design, environmental permitting, flood control, and retaining wall design.  Below we present a little more detail and some helpful links.  In the end, it is every civil engineer's responsibility to protect the public, and we take that responsibilty seriously.
  1. Floodplain Management
    Are you interested in appealing your flood zone determination (Letter of Map Amendment, LOMA) or changing flood insurance rate maps on a larger scale (Letter of Map Revision, LOMR)? Do you think you could benefit from floodproofing your commercial or residential property? Agnoli Engineering has a 15 year history of developing floodplain models, working within FEMA's Community Rating System (CRS) and developing flood hazard mitigation projects for public and private clients.
  2. Flood Control
    Please contact us if you are investigating options on reducing flooding on your property, within your building or residence, or are interested in a regional flood control solution. Agnoli Engineering's services scale from sump pump design to the inspection and rehabilitation of large, high hazard dams. We would love the chance to help you out (and to get out of the office).
  3. Permitting
    Permitting is really, really boring. However, timely submission and acceptance of permit applications to Federal, state and local regulators can mean the difference between a successful project and a disaster. At Agnoli Engineering, we hate disasters and have built a solid relationship with regulators. Let us know if we can help you.
  4. Stormwater Design
    It used to be, you just wanted to get rainwater off of a site as fast as possible. Now, we have learned the harsh reality of regional flooding due to poor planning. So, the rules are tougher and so are the regulators. Let us show you some pretty cool cost effective stormwater design solutions we have developed over the years. We have a host of models and of low impact and structural designs that can handle most stormwater problems. If we can't help you, at least we got a chance to meet someone new.
  5. Retaining Wall Design
    You made it all the way down here! We have been designing concrete and block retaining walls since we formed in 2005. In fact, our first client was a segmental retaining wall block manufacturer that needed a design firm to work with their clients. The rest is history but we have a great track record of success and a lot of boxes in storage packed with retaining wall designs.
  6. General Links
    We love to roam the internet at lunch. Here is where we collect our favorite civil engineering - water resources links. Enjoy!
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